Wednesday, April 15, 2009

James Bond 007 Quantum of Solace Full Rip

Not very high, Intel dual core 2.0 ghz or Core2duo, 256 MB video card with PIXEL SHADER 3.0 or higher, 7.5GB HDD space, 1GB ram for XP or 1.5GB for vista.

Supports all present graphics card from NVIDIA or ATI.
Even supports onboard card of Intel 965 motherboard for laptop users those who dont have graphics card.

Finally the links:

Any questions of how to install or about requirements are also good as that wud help others.

After downloading the files wud be in format .001, .002, .003

Then use HJSPLIT software, u can find in the net. Open HJSPLIT and press join, then select the first file i.e. 001 file.

It will automatically join all of them, and u'll get a file of 3GB. Just extract that file using winzip. After extraction double click file inside the folder which u extracted. It will take aroung half an hour to extract. Then play the game!


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