Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Age Of Empires II Gold Edition [The Conquerors + The Age of Kings] 250 MB


Age of Empires II Gold Edition is a real-time traditional strategy game. It is an incredible game that will give you hours of fun.

The game covers a 1000-year period from the fall of the Roman Empire through to the Middle Ages. There are thirteen civilisations and you are the leader of one of them.

You have to vanquish the other twelve by taking a global view of the whole playing ground. You are the leader and as such you must lead your people to final victory by using military, economic and alliance strategies.

You will have to train your armies in the art of war; you can use your cavalry and infantry battalions to wage war on your rivals.

You will also have to bring wealth and prosperity to your people by opening new markets and consolidating a dynamic and fertile economy.

As you can see this game provides hours and hours of fun. BOREDOM IS NOT AN OPTION!

Part 1
Part 2
Paer 3


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