Friday, June 5, 2009

Armed Assault 2 (2009)

Armed Assault 2 is a sequel to one of the most popular games PeCetowych tactical. The action takes place the second component in the near future. Activities run in the fictional Soviet state.

Armed Assault 2 is the official continuation of one of the most popular tactical shooting out from the perspective of a person. Events seen with the eyes of one of the soldiers involved in bringing about wide-scale war. The actual game is very realistic and makes the course of a rather complex control. In contrast, however, for the first part of that was released only on personal computers, this time was ensured by the holders of the PlayStation 3 console and Xbox 360.

The action of the second series takes place in the near future. We have since 2009. The place of the events are fictitious Soviet pa├▒stewko named Chernarus. Would be embodied by one of the soldiers in the U.S. Navy. Is sent into a region of conflict to deal with problems and lead to stability in the region.

Armed Assault 2 stands out among the various sorts s FPS including large maps, on which are carried out in the war and a relatively high level of realism. The various boards, we can move to the will of either on its own feet or by using various modes of transport - armored vehicles, tanks and helicopters. As in previous series, we are only a small trybikiem war machine. Over time, however, gives access to options which can command other soldiers. The game also contains a fairly complex system of development of models for role-playing games.

The game, like the first part of Armed Assault, is characterized by a detailed representation of the weapons based on existing models in the real world. The authors also try to add an improved model is responsible for simulating the physics of the game. It has also selected the destruction of the environment.

In addition to single player campaign for full multiplayer content. Holders pecetowej version of the game may also use the mission editor tr├│jwymiaorwego.



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