Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Naruto: The Setting Dawn 2.4 NTSD

NTSD uses a 3 button fighting system. The 3 buttons are:

By pressing the Attack button, you do a normal punch, by pressing Attack more than once, you perform some combo. It is possible to Attack while running and jumping. When you are standing on (by) a weapon or another object, you can pick it up, by simply pressing the Attack button. With the Jump button you can jump... this is useful to evade attacks and for some characters it's a way to move faster. The Defend button is used to block punches and attacks to minimize their damage.

Now to perform special attacks, you need to press these 3 buttons, combinated with the moving buttons in the right order. You can look up this combinations for each character here. You also need enough chakra, else it won't work. Chakra regenerates by itself. The speed of the regeneration is individual by each character. To speed up the regeneration, you can charge chakra by pressing the buttons shown below.

There are some moves, that every character can (will be able to) perform:
Chakra Charge- Defend, Jump, Attack (to regain chakra)
Quick Recovery- When hit into air, press Jump
Replacement Jutsu-Press Jump when Hit


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