Friday, October 16, 2009

Hitman: Codename 47 RIP[248 MB]


Though the game takes place from a third-person perspective Hitman's control setup is akin to first-person shooter: 47's movements are restricted to turning, strafing and moving forward. The player can peek around corners by using the lean function, which prompts 47 to tilt slightly to one side. 47 is able to climb ladders, but cannot defend himself with a weapon while doing so. In addition, he is unable to jump at all. 47 creates 'sound' while walking which will alert any hostile characters in the facility. To move without being detected, the player can use the "sneak" function, which causes 47 to crouch and move in a stalking manner. Sneaking also allows 47 to retrieve a weapon from his inventory without anyone hearing it; if 47 is standing upright when the player pulls out a weapon, it will alert nearby characters.

An on-screen cursor which indicates which direction 47's attack will attack. The heads-up display includes a life bar (which measures 47's health), ammo capacity, kevlar durability, and the current item selected. Alert messages sometimes appear next to the health readout. These occur whenever enemies discover a body on the map, or if 47 falls under suspicion.

Whats Ripped?
Nothing....just highly compressed



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Installation Notes:
1.: Unrar and burn or mount iso file
2.: Run the setup and play the game


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